Xenon (Motherboard)

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Xenon (Motherboard)
Xbox 360 revisions xenon motherboard.jpg
Xenon Motherboard
Introduced November 2005
CPU Process 90nm
GPU Process 90nm
eDRAM Process 90nm
Power Supply 203 W
Special Notes The Xbox 360 launch model motherboard
Power Rating 12V⎓16.5A
Power Connector
Powerconnector xenonzephyr.png

The original Xbox 360 configuration used in the initial Premium and Core machines released in the end of November 2005.
These are also know as the RRoD (Red Ring of Death) machines because the GPU dies fail due to defective design and must be replaced.

  • 90 nm IBM CPU
  • 90 nm ATI GPU and 90nm on-chip eDRAM
  • Low profile GPU heatsink - later heatpipe GPU heatsink
  • Heatpipe CPU heatsink
  • 203 Watt output power supply (16.5 A)
  • Shipping with Hitachi and Samsung DVD-Drive
  • Later models have glue around the CPU and GPU