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Trinity Motherboard
Introduced June 2010
CPU Process 45nm (combined chip)
GPU Process 45nm (combined chip)
eDRAM Process 65nm
Power Supply 135 W
4GB Daughterboard
Special Notes The first Slim Xbox 360 motherboard revision
Power Rating 12V⎓10.83A
Power Connector
Powerconnector trinitycorona.png

Trinity is the codename of the motherboard used in the Xbox 360 Slim. It is the sixth motherboard revision. It was originally believed that it's codename was Valhalla, but after looking through debug files it was found that this is not the case. It no longer has Memory Unit ports. It has a special port for connecting the Kinect peripheral, which provides power to the device instead of plugging it in seperately. It also features a single chip that contains the CPU, GPU and eDRAM, with a 45nm die size. The Xbox 360 Slim, and as a result, the motherboard are much smaller than the original. It also contains an internal USB port which has a 802.11n WiFi card inserted. The HDD port was also changed, making it much smaller and flush against the case. The RRoD is also non-existant, replaced with a single red power light on any errors.

  • Consoles: 4GB Arcade, Elite 250GB and Halo Reach Console
  • All 3 chip dies are on one substrate
  • Combined 45nm IBM CPU and ATI GPU
  • 65nm eDRAM
  • 16MB NAND
  • 135 Watt PSU
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi integrated
  • No more Memory Unit ports
  • Separate Kinect port
  • Different HDD port
  • Smaller form factor
  • 4GB internal Memory on small Daughter board
  • No more RROD, simple red power light on error, and flashing on overheating