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Jasper Motherboard
Introduced November 2008
CPU Process 65nm
GPU Process 65nm
eDRAM Process 80nm (later 65nm)
Power Supply 150 W
NAND 16MB/256MB/512MB
Special Notes The final phat Xbox 360 motherboard revision
Power Rating 12V⎓12.1A
Power Connector
Powerconnector jasper.png

Jasper is the codename of the fifth motherboard revision for the Xbox 360. On Jasper motherboards found within Arcade SKUs, this Xbox 360 Motherboard revision features an onboard memory unit to facilitate the NXE Dashboard.


The following methods can be used to identify a Jasper board (only on PHAT boards):

  1. The Southbridge on Jasper boards is a new chip "PSB" with a new black design, older boards use the "XSB" with a circular metal top.

Identification between Jasper v1 and Jasper v2/Kronos boards

  1. Kronos boards only ever use solid state capacitors on the CPU/GPU Output Filter rail, Jasper v1 boards switch between electrolytic and solid-state capacitors depending on the factory
  1. Kronos boards are missing the marking/pads for a third coil near the CPU Output Filter capacitors, Jasper v1 boards still have this marking
  1. Kronos GPUs have a Kronos 1 marking on them, Jasper v1 GPUs have no marking
  1. Kronos boards use the older-style GPU heatsink with no heatpipe, Jasper v1 boards use the better GPU heatsink with a heatpipe

Hardware Notes

The connections required to dump/flash the NAND are the same as all previous models.

Performing the SMC Hack requires the same wiring as Zephyr, Opus, and Falcon mainboards. This is a slightly different set of connections than those required for the Xenon mainboard.

Adding XDK LEDs

The SMC activity and Checkstop LEDs normally present on XDKs can be added to retail Jasper boards by adding the following parts:[1]


  1. Stuff Q8B6 with ON Semiconductor MMBT2222 SOT23 General Purpose Transistor
  2. Stuff R8B6 with 2K Ohm 1% 0402 Resistor
  3. Stuff R8A5 with 1K Ohm 1% 0402 Resistor
  4. Stuff D8B4 with Green 0603 LED

SMC Activity/DBG_LED0

  1. Stuff U1U1 with SN74LVC1G14 SC70
  2. Stuff R1U3 with 249 (or 270) Ohm 0402 Resistor
  3. Stuff D1F1 with Yellow 0603 LED

Jasper (V4.0)

  • Consoles: Arcade 256MB & 512MB, Pro/Premium 60GB, Elite 120GB & 250GB and Resident Evil 5 console
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 65nm ATI GPU
  • 80nm eDRAM
  • 150 Watt PSU (12V rated for 12.1A, new connector)
  • Arcade Edition Larger Flash 256MB Hynix HY27UF082G2B or 512MB Hynix HY27UF084G2B on-board flash, up from 16MB HY27US08281A flash, to accommodate the NXE update.
  • New Southbridge "PSB" chipset
  • Same heatsinks as Falcon
  • 3 pin fan connector.
  • Shipping with LiteOn 7XXX/8XXX/V2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • Fixes red ring of death (RROD) due to the redesigned GPU
  • It is possible to upgrade to a Jasper/Kronos board by installing the X820894-001 Kronos1 GPU.

Jasper/Kronos (V4.1)

Same as Jasper (V4) other than some minor changes.

Kronos1 GPU
  • Consoles: Arcade 512MB, Pro/Premium 60GB, Elite 120GB & 250GB, Modern Warfare 2 consoles and Final Fantasy 13 consoles
  • New Kronos1 GPU stepping
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 65nm ATI GPU
  • 65nm eDRAM
  • Arcade Edition Larger Flash 512MB Hynix HY27UF082G2B on-board flash, up from 16MB HY27US08281A flash, to accommodate the NXE update.
  • Shipping with Lite-On 8XXXV2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • JTAG Hack / SMC patched on CB level
  • Removes 8 chips of 64MB RAM option, all boards now using 4 chips of 128MB
  • Xenon style GPU heat sink with Falcon style CPU heat sink
  • Special edition consoles: Modern Warfare 2 Consoles
  • Last of the original style 360 systems
  • Fixes E 74 error due to the redesigned eDRAM

Stress Kits/Prototypes (512-MB)

Stress Kits

Consoles used for intense internal stressing. Such as stressing GPU, CPU, and memory configurations on the console.

Stress kits have two wires sticking out the top, known as stress wires. These stress wires can be plugged into a lamprey board. This allows the hardware engineer to programmed consoles en masse as well as monitor performance.

Voltage Kits

Consoles used for testing different voltage settings for HDDM. They are known to come with or without stress wires.

Normal Voltage Kits

Normal Voltage Kit (With Stress Wires) Normal Voltage Jasper (Without Stress Wires)

High Voltage Kits

Low Voltage Jasper

Low Voltage Kits

Low Voltage Jasper (With Stress Wires)

Known Configs

  • TEV2B-01
  • TEV2B-02
  • TEV1-22
  • TEV1-45
  • TDV-06
  • JDV2-12
  • JDV3-01

XNA Dev/Test Kit (1-GB Kits)

The final development/test kit for the Jasper and phat Xbox 360.

Featured an extra 512MB of RAM for 1GB total, a redesigned sidecar shell that allows for hard drive removal without disassembling the entire console and a new case design sporting XNA branding (on some models) and XNA colors.

The new XNA sidecar shell also covers up the PIX USB port as it's usage was moved to ethernet. The port is still present within the sidecar but was just covered by the plastic shell.

As with other XDKs, there was an full Development Kit option and Test Kit option with the same limitations as other XDKs.

XNA Development Kits have a blue XNA chrome design and blue Ring of Light boards.

XNA Test Kits have a dark green chrome design and standard green Ring of Light boards.

Expo Kits

Early XNA kits had both XNA branded sidecars and XNA branded faceplates.

Very rare due to the scarcity of XNA branded faceplates.

These were only present on early kits due to Microsoft liquidating their stock of sidecar shells and faceplates.

XNA Test ExpoXNA Test Expo

Tribal Kits

Same as Expo Kits but without the XNA branded faceplate (only the branded sidecar).

Much more common than full Expo Kits.

XNA Development Tribal Kit

Final Kits

No XNA branding present on the sidecar shell or faceplate.

XNA Final Development/Testing KitsXNA Final Development KitXNA Final Test Kit

XNA Prototype (ADK/JADK)

XNA Prototype XDKs were early prototypes of the final XNA development kit that came with a new case design and 1GB of upgraded RAM for developer use.

The XNA XDK was originally planned with an extra Gigabit Ethernet port. This ended up being scrapped and is only present on the XNA Prototype XDKs.

XNA Prototype Development kits were known internally as Advanced Developer Kits (ADK) or Jasper Advanced Developer Kits (JADK). This is reflected on prototype XNA development kit names. The "Advanced" in ADK may also refer to the Xbox Advanced Technology Group responsible for developing the Xbox hardware and tools.


Features the a white retail case, 1GB of RAM and inverted blue ring of light.

These prototypes kits featured a sidecar with the new redesigned XNA shell (Gen2 shell). It was a deep blue colored plastic (appears black in some lights) with no XNA branding and featured a early revision of the Gigabit Ethernet board inside, with orange standby leds.

The Ring of Light board in these JADK EV2 prototypes as well as the ver3 is inverted featuring red and blue LEDs.

XNA Prototype Version 2XNA Prototype Version 2XNA Prototype Version 2XNA Prototype Version 2XNA Prototype Version 2XNA Prototype Version 2

Version 3

Same as the JADK EV2 prototype but with a blue chrome XNA branded sidecar shell. GbE is a later rev, with no orange standby.

XNA Prototype Version 3XNA Prototype Version 3

Version 4 (GDC Expo)

The first XNA development kit to feature the final XNA branded case design. Still featured a Gigabit Ethernet XNA branded sidecar and had an XNA branded faceplate.

Although the Gigabit Ethernet port was still present on the sidecar, the feature was already planned to be dropped from the final design. The port was covered with a serial sticker during the GDC Expo in 2009 in order to better represent the final design.

Produced in 2008.

XNA Prototype Version 4XNA Prototype Version 4XNA Prototype Version 4XNA Prototype Version 4

Version 5

Same as the previous version 4 prototype but with later manufacturing dates. Uses a different info sticker than v4 prototype or final Expo XNA kits.

Produced in 2009.

XNA Info Stickers


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