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Falcon Motherboard
Introduced August 2007
CPU Process 65nm
GPU Process 80nm
eDRAM Process 80nm
Power Supply 175 W
Power Rating 12V⎓14.2A
Power Connector
Powerconnector opusfalcon.png

Falcon is the codename used for the third revision to the Xbox 360's motherboard. Appearing in September 2007, this revision reduced the CPU die size from 90nm to 65nm.

  • Consoles: Arcade, Pro/Premium 20GB & 60GB, Elite 120GB
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 80nm ATI GPU
  • 80nm eDRAM
  • HDMI Video Output
  • 175 Watt PSU (2V rated for 14.2A, new connector)
  • New CPU Heat sink + the GPU heat sink with heat pipe
  • Fewer voltage regulators, capacitors and inductors
  • Bigger, but weaker aluminum CPU heatsink
  • RAM removed from bottom of mainboard by some vendors
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • Shipping with Hitachi 79, BenQ and new Lite-On 7XXX series DVD-Drive


Opus motherboards started to appear in July 2008, to people who had sent in their RRoD Xenon consoles. The Opus motherboard is essentially a Falcon motherboard, without the HDMI connector, so that they could fit into the original Xenon cases they were shipped in.

  • Consoles: Core, Pro/Premium 20GB
  • Falcon based board
  • No HDMI Video Output
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • Shipping with BenQ and Lite-On 7XXX series DVD-Drive
  • Opus only available as refurbished consoles or sent as replacement for repeatedly failed Xenon
  • Had "MFG Date" instead of "Service Date" on the serial sticker
  • Very Rare