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The Xbox 360 motherboard has gone through several changes over the years. These changes often reduced die sizes of various chips (CPU (Xenon), GPU (Xenos), eDRAM, etc.), added new features (HDMI, etc.) and patched the SMC/JTAG exploit. This pages lists off all known motherboard revisions, their changes as well as links to their respective pages.

Xenon [Xbox 360 "Phat"]

The original Xbox 360 configuration used in the initial Premium and Core machines released in the end of November 2005.
These are also known as the RRoD (Red Ring of Death) machines because of faulty GPU chips from ATI.

  • Consoles : Core, Pro/Premium 20GB
  • 90nm IBM CPU
  • 90nm ATI GPU and 90nm on-chip eDRAM
  • Low profile GPU cooler
  • Standard CPU cooler
  • 203 Watt output power supply (16.5 A)
  • Shipping with Hitachi46-78, Samsung ms25or ms28, BenQ DVD-Drive. Can also come with Lite-On drive if it was refurbished.
  • Highly unlikely to have glue around the CPU but it IS possible.


Zephyr was the first revision with HDMI connector.
It was introduced with the Xbox 360 Elite in May 2007.
In July 2007 Xbox 360 Premium machines began appearing with the Zephyr motherboard.

  • Consoles: Arcade, Pro/Premium 20GB, Elite 120GB and Halo 3 Console
  • 90nm IBM CPU & ATI GPU
  • 90nm eDRAM
  • 203 Watt PSU (16.5 A)
  • HDMI video output
  • Updated motherboard layout
  • Glue around the CPU in some cases
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • New Extended GPU heat sink with a heat pipe
  • New Elite model includes 120GB hard drive
  • Shipping with Hitachi 78 or 79 and BenQ DVD-Drive. May also have Lite-On if it was refurbished.


All Xbox 360 Premium machines and Arcade machines made in August 2007 introduced the new 65 nm CPU accompanied with a new cooler and still 90 nm GPU with the Zephyr cooler.
The motherboard is based on Zephyr and requires fewer components (some capacitors and coils removed) for the new 65 nm CPU, resulting in lower costs.

  • Consoles: Arcade, Pro/Premium 20GB & 60GB, Elite 120GB
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 90nm ATI GPU
  • 80nm on-chip eDRAM.
  • HDMI Video Output
  • 175 Watt PSU (2V rated for 14.2A, new connector)
  • New CPU Heat sink + the GPU heat sink with heat pipe
  • Fewer voltage regulators, capacitors and inductors
  • Bigger and enhanced CPU cooler
  • RAM removed from bottom of mainboard on later models
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • Shipping with Hitachi 79, BenQ and new Lite-On 7XXX series DVD-Drive


This is an intermediate motherboard with 65nm CPU and 90nm GPU, new coolers, but no HDMI. It will be used in Xenon chassis for repairs and RRoD affected machines.
Started to appear end of July 2008 in machines coming back from repair. It's just a Falcon without a custom A/V (HDMI) port so that it fits into a Xenon chassis and case.

  • Consoles: Core, Pro/Premium 20GB
  • Falcon based board
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 90nm ATI GPU with 80nm on-chip eDRAM
  • No HDMI Video Output
  • 175 Watt PSU (2V rated for 14.2A, new connector)
  • Updated Heat sinks
    • Falcon CPU cooler
    • Zephyr GPU cooler
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • Shipping with Hitachi, Samsung, BenQ and Lite-On 7XXX DVD-Drive
  • Opus only available from Xenon being repaired by MS.
  • Very Rare


Jasper introduced the 65nm GPU to reduce power usage and cost further.
The new power supply is rated for 150 Watt, down from 175 Watt on the Falcon. The Amperage on the 12V rail is down to 12.1A (12.1A x 12V = 145.2W).

The on-board flash has also increased to allow the new NXE (New Xbox Experience) dashboard update to reside internally, instead of requiring a memory unit or the hard drive.

  • Consoles: Arcade 256MB & 512MB, Pro/Premium 60GB, Elite 120GB & 250GB and Resident Evil 5 console
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 65nm ATI GPU with 80nm on-chip eDRAM
  • 150 Watt PSU (12V rated for 12.1A, new connector)
  • Arcade Edition Larger Flash 256MB or 512MB Hynix HY27UF082G2B on-board flash, up from 16MB HY27US08281A flash, to accommodate the NXE update.
  • New Southbridge chipset
  • Ram removed from bottom of mainboard
  • New style CPU Heat sink + the GPU heat sink with heat pipe
  • 3 pin fan connector.
  • New Warranty Sticker.
  • Shipping with LiteOn 7XXX/8XXX/V2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • Least likely to red ring of death (RRoD) due to the less heat being outputted by the chips


Same as Jasper, minor changes.

  • Consoles: Arcade 512MB, Elite 120GB & 250GB, Modern Warfare 2 consoles and Final Fantasy 13 consoles
  • 65nm eDRAM (?)
  • Shipping with Lite-On 8XXXV2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • JTAG Hack / SMC patched on CB level
  • Xenon style GPU heat sink with Falcon style CPU heat sink
  • Special edition consoles: Modern Warfare 2 Consoles
  • Last of the original "phat" 360 systems

Trinity/Valhalla [Xbox 360 Slim]

  • Consoles: 4GB Arcade, Elite 250GB
  • Unified single chip with CPU, GPU with eDRAM at a 45nm process on its own die.
  • 16MB NAND
  • 135 Watt PSU
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi integrated
  • No more Memory Unit ports
  • Separate Kinect port
  • Different HDD port
  • Smaller form factor
  • 4GB internal Memory on small daughter board
  • No more RROD, simple red power light on error. Green LEDs now used for Secondary Error Codes


  • Consoles: 4GB Arcade, Elite 250GB
  • Same unified single chip with CPU, GPU with eDRAM at a 45nm process on its own die
  • HANA now integrated into the southbridge
  • 6 Subrevisions of Corona exist (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6)
  • Used in both the Xbox 360 S (V1-V4) and Xbox 360 E (V5-V6)
  • NAND has been replaced on V2,V4,V6 boards with 4GB eMMC chip removing the daughter board

Winchester [Xbox 360 E]

  • Console: Xbox 360 E
  • Introduced in October 2013
  • 120 W PSU
  • Digital Audio Out port removed
  • One USB port removed
  • RGH/RGH2 exploits patched
  • Missing IHS on the XCGPU
  • eDRAM combined with CPU/GPU die