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General Information

•The Xbox 360 comes with 3 standard USB 2.0 ports. (2 on the front and 1 on the back)

The Xbox 360 added official support for using USB drives as a mean of storing Xbox 360 files on April 6, 2010. Files are stored to the flash drive by using files within a hidden folder (Root\Xbox360\) that use the FATX file system.

Confirmed Facts

Can be used to add hard disk and get around DRM.

SEE: USB Hard Drive Mod


  • iPod and standard USB flashdrives using the FAT(32)? Filesystem are detected via the 360 media center.(Cannot read NTFS)
  • The Xbox 360 seems to be able to read the HFS filesystem Mac formatted iPods.
  • It is unknown if the USB ports can access DMA but it is speculated that the USB ports may be read-only. Such speculation is questionable, as two-way communication is required to be able to communicate with products. Instead, any read-only access control may be implemented in the Dashboard, or write support may simply not exist within the filesystem drivers. - This is most likely impossible - There are no "slave initiated DMA" transactions as part of the USB spec. Even if it does support USB OTG, and therefore can act as a Slave, a driver [on the xbox] would still need to be present for any usb endpoints to exist.