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The Xbox 360 Case is made of plastic and was originally made to be hard to open. However it can easy be removed :

  • Remove the HDD
  • Remove the Face Plate by inserting your Right thumbs into it and forcing it a bit upwards
Face removedzz.jpg

You need to remove this panel before lifting the front panel•Then remove both side pannels by inserting a small iron tool into the holes, and popping out the place holders

  • Slowly lift up the Front panel, by unlocking the 4 plastic placesholders about 4cm
  • Then insert a small tool in each hole of the backplate and onpup the back side

You now can lift up the upper part of the casing

To remove the border case, Remove 6 large screws from the down panel with a torx T10 screw driver.


Downside of the metal casing

Therm removed.jpg